TC Pilowlava — 3d Typeface

TC Pilowlava is a re-release of Pilowlava 3D, the typeface that started my journey into 3D type design. Respecting the concept of the original, TC Pilowlava is an organic translation of form from 2D to 3D space.

With a love for Pilowlava and an admiration for Velvetyne's work, I approached VTF with the idea of doing a 3d version of Pilowlava back in 2020. Luckily, Jérémy Landes and Anton Moglia, the designers of the original Pilowlava, were very supportive of the project and helped shape the conceptual idea.This re-release is a revised version with the original extended latin character set.

You can grab TC Pilowlava at


Vincent Wagner

Original Pilowlava Designers

Jérémy Landes, Anton Moglia