Hi there, I am Vincent, a Vienna based freelance 3d artist with a graphic design background and a considerable obsession with typography and lettering.

I collaborate with studios and agencies on a wide array of communication design projects.

I also run a 3d type foundry, Type Computer, where I offer a growing list of retail typefaces and give away some libre typefaces too.

Clients 🦄

I have been fortunate to work as part of incredible teams for clients like Twitch, Red Bull, Squarespace, Ritual, Island Records, Magenta, Palladium X Smiley and many more. Studios and agencies include Saatchi & Saatchi, Stink and Gypsy Inc. 💕

I also regularly partner with smaller brands and indie artists. If the project is exciting and the timing is right, I am in.

Publications 📚

Skills & Tools ⛓

Teaching 👨‍🏫

Speaking 📣

Judging 🔨

Credits 🙏

This is me, as a tired traveler, on a lovely trip to Japan, way back when 🫣

For project inquiries or just to chat, please get in touch.
I’m happy to talk — input@vincent.computer